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Bill Kidwell, TMC's president discovered in 2007 during his presidency of the Colorado Association of Mortgage Professionals (then, Brokers) that mortgage loan originators sponsored by small "mom & pop" shops around the country were simply not equipped to deal with the thousands of pages of new proposed laws and the matching thousands of pages of new regulations implementing those laws.

He decided to found a company to address this void in small shops required to deal with this seemingly never end barrage of change. After founding the company in 2008, Bill introduced IMPACT Mortgage Management Advocacy and Advisory Group, Inc. (IMMAAG) to thousands of originators through a webinar that provided up to date information about the emerging FHA mortgagee approval changes and about what was then one of the ugliest changes in the industry at the time - the proposal for new rules regarding Loan Originator Compensation.

Since that first formal webinar, IMMAAG's user base has grown over 3,300% and with users and subscribers in every state the company is now known for both advocacy and providing regulatory solutions targeted at the 13,000+ mortgage origination companies that sponsor ten (10) or fewer MLO's.

With the 2014 introduction of its product, IMMAAG is now the compelling regulatory compliance solution for the thousands of small shops that simply can't afford a comprehensive compliance management system solution that costs thousands of dollars, focuses on larger companies and different needs or takes hundred of hours to manage.

IMMAAGwith its complementary access for individual subscribers to SAFE Act required Continuing Education and with its product has become the "go-to" company for MLO shops around the country who need - a remote compliance officer, prepaid legal services, comprehensive regulatory references and regulatory compliance policy documentation, access to an expert seven days a week and on going complementary webinars addressing subjects relevant to the subscriber base.

Any MLO or MLO shop owner interested in learning more about and its comprehensive solution (at a cost of about the price of a cup of coffee per day) needs only to call Bill at (303) 674-1200 or send him an email at">bill@ He will explain in details that will make sense - because he is still an active state licensed originator himself, all the reasons the IMMAAG/MLOC solution is most likely the only solution the small shop will need to insure it has its compliance management system in place at a combination of price and time used that it can afford.

With IMMAAG and small shops - Make Competing and Compliance Compatible!

The IMMAAG website can be reached by clicking here or just going to

Bill Kidwell - (303) 674-1200;